Internet Exchange Nepal- Annual General Meeting completed.

Internet Exchange Nepal (npIX) held its 8th Annual General Meeting in Indreni Foodland, Kathmandu on 17th Mangsir 2074 (3rd December 2017). Rupesh Bhakta Shrestha, CEO of npIX presented financial report and Annual progress report to the gathering and was approved. Gaurab Raj Upadhaya (chairman of npIX) chaired the meeting and presented the future plans of npIX. The meeting was crucial milestone for npIX as several important decisions for growth of npIX was approved in the meeting including expansion of npIX nodes and services, strengthening the secretariat, providing administrative and accounting support to npNOG, commitment of members to support npIX to hold APRICOT 2018 successfully and increase in membership fee structure. The AGM minutes will be made available to members upon request by email to: